About Maodong Xu

Maodong Xu is a billionaire entrepreneur and tech developer whose innate understanding of business has led to the successful development of major tech companies in China and the United States. Through his many business endeavors, Mr. Xu developed an innate understanding in the importance of the people behind any profitable and scalable business.

Mr. Xu understands, firsthand, the vital role education plays in creating a successful career path in technology. Born in a small fishing village where opportunities for a quality education were limited, he applied himself to every opportunity. After becoming one of the only students from his village to attend secondary school, he attended Wuhan University of Technology and graduated in 1990 with a degree in computer application and automation.

His ascent from college graduate to tech billionaire has spanned thirty years and included the development of major tech companies including Dotad, Wenlik, EGLS and others, which would eventually sell to large tech brands for millions. Mr. Xu’s success rate in his multiple business ventures remains at 100%, and he credits his education with laying the foundation for moving through adversity life has thrown his way to embrace the awaiting success.

In 2018 he moved to the United States where he continues to build new tech endeavors and blend the best practices of his Chinese tech companies with the Web 3.0 possibilities available in the United States.

Supporting future contributors to the tech sector is near and dear to Mr. Xu’s heart, and he is passionate about finding the best and brightest developers, engineers and technologists to support his future endeavors.