Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Technology Science Scholarship?
To provide financial assistance to ten (10) students maintaining high academic credentials and seeking a career in technology science.

What should I cover in my essay?
Please describe the ways in which Web 3.0 will affect the world in the future. Additionally, describe how your career goals relate to the advancement of Web 3.0.

What additional details should I include with my essay?
All applications must include

The best contact email address

The name of the high school you attend or previously attended and high school GPA on a 4.0 scale

The name of the college or university you currently attend or expect to attend as well as the GPA through the last full semester

If you are selected for the scholarship, you may be asked to give us permission to verify with your high school and college administration the GPAs you have submitted and verify your admission to the college or university you’ve indicated.

Are incoming freshman eligible to apply?
Yes. When filling out the “current GPA” section of your application, please indicate the GPA provided is from your high school.

Are incoming freshman eligible to apply if their university does not declare majors until after first semester?
Yes. When filling out the “Current Major(s)” section of your application, please specify your undeclared freshman status and intended major.

Where do I submit my essay?
Your short essay is submitted directly in your application. Using the text box for the last question, type (or paste) your 1000-word answer. The scholarship application can be found here.